Bad Habits That Are Killing Your Spinal Cord

Our spinal cord is essentially what keeps us upright. Aside from this, it also houses the central nervous system as well as serves as the highway for information sent from the brain to the body, and vice versa. Because of its essential functions, it is important to take care of it. However, there have been many activities which people do without knowing that these may be harmful to their spines. Below is a list of bad habits that are killing your spinal cord that you definitely would want to start avoiding.

Thing To Avoid For A Better Spinal Cord

High Heelsbsdbvjbsbdjvbjsdbvjbjbvjbsjdbvjbsdjvbsjbvjbsdvjbsjdv

It is has been backed by several studies that wearing high heels as little as two inches is harmful to the spine. This is because high heels force all the weight of the body forward on the toes and also forces the spine’s alignment to adjust accordingly. However, such severe damage to the spine can only result from wearing high heels frequently and for very long periods while standing or walking.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Studies have shown that those who do not exercise regularly and those who are overweight are more prone to back pain and injuries. This is because the extra weight strains the spine. Keeping an active lifestyle will prevent back pains and injuries aside from also helping you shed off those unwanted pounds.

Heavy Bags

Carrying heavy bags have far-reaching implications. The weight of the bag causes strain on your tendons, ligaments, muscles, and nerves and will also cause a shift in your posture while carrying the heavy bag. This may result in back pain and headaches. It is also possible that moving hefty objects will cause serious nerve trauma or severe damage to your joints.

Lack of Sleep

You need enough sleep to give your body time to repair itself. It is also recommended that you do not sleep on your stomach as this causes severe stress and pressure on the spine and instead sleep on your side. Moreover, it is best to use mattresses and pillows which promote the correct alignment of the spine and the neck to avoid coming back and neck pain.

Ignoring Back Pain

Your body has kmfkvkdbkdnbvkndbndkfnbknkdfnbkndfkbnkdfba way of telling you that something is wrong and when you constantly feel back or neck pain; it is most likely an indication of some injury or condition or an aged mattress that needs to be replaced. Do not ignore this pain because it may later progress into a more complicated or greater damage. Immediately consult a doctor to figure out what is causing the pain and to immediately be able to start physical therapy or other treatments to reduce the pain and cure the condition.

These habits are sometimes unconsciously done without regard to the negative effects they may have on our bodies. After this article, remember always to be conscious of your activities and the effects they may have on your health and make sure always to stay healthy!