Harmful effects of using illegal drugs

Illegal drugs are mostly associated with all night rave parties, night clubs, bars, college campuses, etc. These drugs are odorless, colorless, and flavorless which make them difficult to detect. They are mostly used for causing intoxicating and sedative effects in short time.

Mixing these drugs with alcohol can cause serious intoxication and implications on health. Illegal drugs are primarily manufactured in underground street labs, garages, or cooking kitchens using some drug sources and chemicals in any combination.

Illegal drugs

dhgdhg64Illegal drugs can cause nausea as well as hallucinations, sweating, and anxiety. It is due to these effects that illegal drugs are commonly abused in parties and night clubs. These drugs can cause retrograde amnesia that makes the victim unable to recall or remember the memories of the event.

These drugs can be used to sedate or intoxicate another person by mixing it in beverages or drinks.

Harmful Effects of Illegal Drugs

  • The effects of ecstasy include seizures, coma, attacks, muscle cramps, etc. When mixed with alcohol or combined with other drugs, it may even lead to death. It can cause mental confusion and lethargy when mixed with alcohol.
  • The use of Rohypnol or Trophies can also cause drowsiness, dizziness, and slowed response. It is often referred to as ‘date rape’ drug. It can cause lethargy, coma, and difficulties in breathing, loss of consciousness, seizures, or even death.
  • Prolonged use of some illegal substances may lead to mental confusion, impaired learning, decreased attention, and memory loss.
  • LSD can cause a slight increase in heart rate, blood pressure, loss of appetite, etc. Prolonged abuse of LSD leads to psychotic ideations and frequent hallucinations.

Other Adverse Effects

dhgdhg74Illegal drugs are manufactured in less than ideal conditions like bathrooms and garages. Lack of knowledge about sources, chemicals, and composition makes it difficult to know exact toxicity and therapeutic effects.

Most of the illegal drugs that are used in night parties, clubs, rave parties, etc. fall into the category of illegal drugs. These drugs have a potential to cause addiction, harmful effects on the health, and even death. Youngsters need to be made aware of the risks related to club drug use as these drugs can be easily used to intoxicate or sedate others.

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